236th St. East Rehabilitation

Project Information

Current Status

July 3, 2018: Final Design is underway. Public Meeting documents have been posted below.

Project Location

Project includes 236th Street in Jackson Township and spans from Deming Road to Tollgate Road (3.30 miles).


Project Scope

The purpose of the project is to rehabilitate 236th St east of US 31, from Deming Road to Tollgate Road, a distance of 3.3 miles. The scope is to widen the narrow lanes and add 6' paved shoulders. A 10' multiuse path will be added along the south side and improvements to side ditch drainage.

Reason for Project

The existing roadway possesses a narrow lane width, inadequate shoulders, and inadequate drainage features. In recent years this corridor has experienced an increased traffic volume which has necessitated a review of the current road conditions.

Construction Details

  • Design Firms: CHA
  • Contractor: To be determined
  • Construction Start Date: Fall 2018
  • Construction Completion (Est.): Fall 2019
  • Construction Cost (Est.):  $10.75 million


    The design costs will be funded locally. 80% of the construction and construction inspection costs will be funded using federal money.