Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I file charges against someone?
  2. How do I get a No Contact Order?
  3. What is the status of a/my/my husband's case? Can you tell me my next court date?
  4. I got a subpoena in the mail. Why do I have to testify? This is really inconvenient for me, do I get paid?
  5. Can I talk to the Prosecutor about my case?
  6. Can I get a Prosecutor's explanation of a law or get legal advice from a Prosecutor?
  7. What is a warrant?
  8. What happens after a person (the defendant) has been arrested?
  9. What is a pretrial conference and do I need to attend?
  10. What is the difference between a bench trial and a jury trial?
  11. Do I have to attend the trial?
  12. What is a subpoena?
  13. What happens if I ignore the subpoena and/or otherwise fail to appear in court as ordered?
  14. Am I allowed to be present in the courtroom during the trial?
  15. How will I know if the trial date has changed?
  16. What happens if someone tries to intimidate me into dropping the charges and/or not testifying?
  17. What if the defendant's attorney or some other individual acting on behalf of the defendant contacts me about the case?
  18. What if I decide to drop the charges and/or not to testify?
  19. What happens if the defendant either pleads guilty or is found guilty by a judge or jury?
  20. What is restitution and what can it cover?
  21. Do I need documentation for restitution?
  22. How do I request restitution?
  23. What is a Victim Impact Statement?
  24. When do I submit my Victim Impact Statement?
  25. What about insurance?
  26. What happens after restitution is ordered?
  27. What if the defendant doesn't pay?
  28. How do I request public records under the Access to Public Records Act?
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