Major Felony

  The Major Felony Team handles the criminal cases filed in Hamilton Circuit Court, Hamilton Superior Court 1, Hamilton Superior Court 2, and Hamilton Superior Court 3 and also includes the Sex Crimes Deputy Prosecuting Attorney.

Case Assignment

   By local rule, all Murder (MR Case type), F1 & F2 case types, F3 & F4 case types, and F5 case type felonies shall be randomly filed per case type with 25% of each case type filed in Circuit Court, Superior Court No. 1, Superior Court No. 2 and Superior Court No. 3. Reassignment of these cases shall be achieved by obtaining a new court assignment using the Clerk's random assignment procedure of the Courts designated to accept this type of case.

    This team also handles the cases filed into specific courts pursuant to a local rule.  
            1.  Misdemeanor cases (CM) with domestic battery offenses are filed into Superior Court No. 6.
            2.  Misdemeanor cases (CM) with invasion of privacy offenses are filed into Superior Court No. 3.
            3.  Level 6 Felony cases (F6) with domestic battery offenses  or invasion of privacy offenses are filed into Superior Court No. 3
            4.  Level 6 Felony cases (F6) with strangulation offenses are filed in Superior Court No. 3. 
This team's personnel handle these cases although they might otherwise be considered misdemeanor and D/6 felony cases.