Chaplain's Division

Chaplain's Division Group Photo
The mission of the Chaplain's Division of the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office is to serve the personnel, the community, and the inmates as a supportive volunteer group of qualified ministers and counselors, who will assist, by request, in personal matters, marriage, job or spiritual counseling and to be available to assist in time of emergency, as needed.


The purpose of the division is to:
  • Provide guidance and counsel in matters of spiritual, personal, family, job, or other nature at the request of the personnel.
  • Assist the officers in emergencies where a chaplain would be of benefit to the department personnel and/or the general public.
  • Serve in situations where the possibility of injury to personnel is high, such as hostage/barricade situations, attempted suicides, riots, demonstrations, etc.
  • Act as a resource person in matters where a specialist is required or needed.
  • Represent the department and/or Sheriff at public functions at the Sheriff's request.