Inmate Information

Commissary - Inmate Deposits

Inmate commissary deposits can be made online. There is also a kiosk in the jail lobby which will accept cash or credit cards. You will need the inmate's prisoner identification number to make this deposit. Money is no longer accepted at the lobby window, nor cash or money orders sent through the mail. Money received during book-in will be credited to the inmate's commissary account for use. Inmates order commissary on Sundays and their orders are delivered on Saturday.

Medical Information

The Hamilton County Jail has full time medical staff on site 24 hours a day. If you have any medical needs, or special concerns, please contact the medical staff at least 48 hour before your stay to discuss those needs. Inmates serving less than 31 days, must supply their own medications. The Hamilton County Jail is a non-smoking facility.


There are co-pays for the following services:
  • Doctor or nurse visit - $15
  • Dentist visit - $15
  • Monthly refills - $15
  • New prescription - $15

Phone Calls

All communications with inmates will be done through either a scheduled visit, a collect phone call initiated by the inmate, or through the US mail. The staff, with the exception of emergencies, cannot pass messages; these are directed to the Chaplain. If you wish to have your telephone number(s) blocked from receiving collect telephone calls from this facility, please contact the jail staff at 317-776-9800.


Family and friends wishing to send mail to an inmate in the Hamilton County Jail, please address the envelope as follows:

Inmate's last name, first name followed by their PID number or subject number:
C/O Hamilton County Jail
18102 Cumberland Road
Noblesville, IN 46060


Please be certain to have your return address in the upper left hand corner of the envelope. (This will ensure the return of the letter in case the inmate has left our facility). No form of payment (cash, check, money order, etc.) will be accepted through mail. Please do not place stickers or glitter on the material inside the envelope or the outside of the letter. With the exception of legal mail, all mail is inspected for any and all types of contraband. No pornographic photos or Polaroid photographs are permitted. All newspapers and magazines must come directly from the publishers.

Miscellaneous Information

  • Jewelry - Wedding bands, medic alert bracelets, and religious medallions (less than 2 inches in either diameter or length) may be worn.
  • Clothing - All underclothing must be white in color, no under wire bras are allowed. Only the underclothing worn when the individual reports will be allowed into the jail with a limit of 2 sets. Any items brought into the jail other than those listed will be documented and placed into your personal property and released upon your booking out of the jail.
  • Laundry - All inmates are given the opportunity to have their under garments laundered twice weekly. Their uniforms are laundered once a week.
  • Library - No reading material may be brought into the jail. Inmates have access to books within the jail once per week. Magazines and newspapers may be subscribed, but must come directly from the publisher. There is a limit of 2 subscriptions per inmate. Religious materials must be approved through the Sheriff's Chaplain.
  • Hygiene - Hygiene packs are available at the time of booking. The $2 pack is available regardless of the inmate's funds and contains hygiene items.