Most Wanted

Jail Interior with Tables and Cells
If you have information concerning these persons, please contact the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office or Hamilton County Communications. Callers may remain anonymous.

Warrant Confirmation
Warrants listed on this page may not be current as an individual may have been taken into custody already. To confirm an active warrant, please call 317-776-9800, ext. 2. You can also call the Hamilton County Communications Dispatch at 317-773-1282 or submit a crime tip online.
  1. Brown, Jordan

    Jordan Michael Ranell Brown
    Wanted for:
    • Dealing Methamphetamine
    • Possession Methamphetamine
    • Maintaining Common Nuisance
    • Dealing Marijuana
    • Possession Marijuana
  1. Booker, Alonzo

    Alonzo Antonio Booker
    Wanted for Failure to Appear:
    • Dealing Narcotic
    • Possession Narcotic
    • Promoting Prostitution
    • Resisting Law Enforcement
    • Driving While Suspended

  1. Munden, Joseph
    Joseph Wayne Munden
    Wanted for Failure to Appear:   
    • Operating Vehicle After Lifetime License Forfeiture
    • Carrying Handgun Without LIcense
    • Theft
    • Possession Marijuana
    • Possession Paraphernalia
    • Habitual Offender

  1. Thompson, Brant

    Brant Andrew Thompson
    Wanted for Violation of Probation :        
    • Attempted Murder
    • Intimidation
    • Criminal Recklessness
    • Pointing a Firearm

  1. Spencer, James

    James Justin Spencer
    Wanted for Violation of Probation: 
    • Dealing Cocaine
    • Possession Cocaine
    • Possession Paraphernalia

  1. Crouch, Keli

    Keli Marie Crouch
    Wanted for Violation of Probation: 
    • Dealing Cocaine
    • Neglect of Dependent
  1. Green, Noelle

    Noelle Christine Green
    Wanted for:
    • Failure to Return to Lawful Detention (Community Corrections)
    • Failure to Appear: Check fraud, Theft, Forgery

  1. Russell, Amanda

    Amanda Renae Russell
    Wanted for Failure to Appear:
    • Criminal Confinement
    • Violation of Probation: Possession Narcotic

  1. Chon, Hyo

    Hyo Sik Chon
    Wanted for Violation of Probation: 
    • Sexual Misconduct