Sign Exemptions

Within the Hamilton County Plan Commission jurisdictional area all signs do require a permit except for the following cases as taken directly from the Ordinance:

Sign Exemptions
The following incidental signs are exempted from the requirements of this article:
  1. Traffic control or other regulatory signs, including signs on private property, erected by, or on the authority of a public officer in the performance of his duty.
  2. One non-illuminated sign, not to exceed 2 square feet in area and 4 feet in height (if free standing sign), which may identify only the address and/or occupants of premises or an establishment. Such a sign is exempt only if it is the only sign associated with the premises or use. Thus this exemption is not available if there are any other business or advertising signs associated with the premises or use.
  3. Legal notices, identification, informational, warning, trespassing, or directional signs erected or required by governmental units.
  4. Flags of any governmental unit, or civic, educational, or religious organization, except when displayed in connection with commercial promotion.
  5. Holiday seasonal decorations customarily displayed in conjunction with a national holiday or seasonal decorations for a period of time not to exceed 30 days.
Sign Permits