Thoroughfare Plan

A Thoroughfare Plan is a transportation planning tool which provides guidance on configuring the transportation system to support the community's future needs. As part of the County's Comprehensive Plan, it is based on the Land Use Plan and designates which routes need to be dedicated as "Thoroughfares" so the County can adopt appropriate right-of-way and roadway design standards. A Thoroughfare Plan considers all modes of transportation which are, or could be, made available to the public.
2007 Tfare Update
Thoroughfare Plan History
Hamilton County's previous review of the Thoroughfare Plan was in 1990. Over 15 years later, the County determined it was appropriate to review the assumptions of the 1990 Hamilton County Thoroughfare Plan, creating the 2007 Hamilton County Thoroughfare Plan Update.

2007 Hamilton County Thoroughfare Plan Update
The intent of the 2007 Hamilton County Thoroughfare Plan Update was to look at Hamilton County as a whole and develop recommendations to assist with transportation issues.

It is recognized that there are various jurisdictions within the County, each of which has control of improvements within their own planning area. Actually, many of these jurisdictions have individually adopted thoroughfare plans which take precedence over the Hamilton County Thoroughfare Plan.

The 2007 Hamilton County Thoroughfare Plan Update has communicated with and included the various jurisdictions in the update process. The 2007 Hamilton County Thoroughfare Plan Update looks holistically across the entire County, placing an emphasis on regional connectivity; and in such, there may be instances where the 2007 Hamilton County Thoroughfare Plan Update does not match the locally adopted thoroughfare plans.

2007 Thoroughfare Plan Purpose
The 2007 Thoroughfare Plan Update process occurred in 2006 and 2007, following the Comprehensive Plan Update which occurred in 2006. The 2007 Thoroughfare Plan Update is intended to be adopted as a part of the Comprehensive Plan. These 2 documents are created to give reasonable reassurance about the future direction of the County. Both the Comprehensive Plan and the Thoroughfare Plan are long-range guiding documents which provide direction to County Officials.

The Plans should be reviewed on a regular basis and updated every 5 to 10 years to properly reflect changes in growth and development.

Plan Resources
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as well as view the: 2007 Thoroughfare Map (PDF) for additional information.