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What is a Watershed?

The simple definition - It's the area of land that catches rain and snow and drains or seeps into a wetland, stream, river, lake or groundwater.

You're Sitting in a Watershed Now

Water sheds can be made up of:
  • Big cities
  • Businesses
  • Farms
  • Forests
  • Homes
  • Small towns
  • And more
Some cross county, state, and even international borders. Watersheds come in all shapes and sizes. Some are millions of square miles, others are just a few acres. Just as creeks drain into rivers, watersheds are nearly always part of a larger watershed. Residents in Hamilton County and much of central Indiana live in the Upper White River Watershed. For more information view the videos below and visit the White River Alliance website.

Storm Drain Stewards Needed

Our Water is Worth Your Time.  Make a difference!

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Make a Clear Choice for Clean Water

  • Keeping storm drain inlets clean is a great way to protect our lakes and streams and prevent street flooding.
  • Even natural materials like leaves and grass clippings can have a negative impact on water quality.
  • Raking, bagging, mulching and/or composting leaves and yard waste is a simple way to help protect our water.
Consider adopting a storm drain in your neighborhood.  Learn more about how you can make a difference at


An informational postcard PDF can be downloaded here.

Before the Storm

This video is an informative "how to" program on storm drain marking for municipalities, educators and local volunteer groups wanting to educate citizens about non-point source pollution and ways we can help protect our water. This video was produced by Indiana Department of Natural Resources, and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, the Division of Soil Conservation with a 319 grant of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency with the cooperation of the Hamilton County Phase II Steering Committee, which is made up of various County Departments and designated communities in Hamilton County. Other communities participating are included in the films credits.

After the Storm

A new half hour television special about watersheds, After the Storm, was co-produced by The Weather Channel (TWC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The show highlights 3 case studies, Santa Monica Bay, the Mississippi River Basin/Gulf of Mexico, and New York City, where polluted runoff threatens watersheds highly valued for recreation, commercial fisheries and navigation, and drinking water. Key scientists and water quality experts and citizens involved in local and national watershed protection efforts provide insight into the problems as well as solutions to today's water quality challenges. After the Storm also explains simple things people can do to protect their local watershed-such as picking up after 1's dog, recycling household hazardous wastes, and conserving water. You can also download a copy of the After the Storm Brochure (PDF).

Correct Connect

To learn more about how to disconnect your downspout from the sanitary system please watch the following video.

The Call

As part of the Stormwater Public Education Committee's effort to increase stormwater awareness in Hamilton County and Central Indiana, WIBC (93.1 FM) is airing this Public Service Announcement for 32 weeks from August 22 to December 11, 2006, and again in 2008. This PSA was selected by the Public Education Steering Committee which is comprised of representatives of Hamilton County, Town of Cicero, City of Westfield, the City of Carmel and the City of Noblesville.