High Accuracy Network

A High Accuracy Network (HARN) is a 3-dimensional geodetic network of stations established using GPS observations and adjustment. A HARN is usually a state-based network consisting of regularly spaced stations. Indiana was the last state to establish a HARN system.

HARN Stations
In 1997, the 1st phase of the HARN established 126 stations in Indiana. For the 2nd phase of the HARN an additional 25 stations were established in 1998. Phase 3 was done in 2003 and 71 additional stations were established with a total of 196 points across the state. Each of the Indiana counties has at least 1 HARN station. Porter and Vanderburgh counties have the most HARN stations, with 6 stations each. Hamilton County has 4 HARN stations.

More Information
For more information concerning the HARN, please contact the Hamilton County Surveyor's office, or visit the Federal Base Network.