Treasurer's Office

  • If you are expecting a refund for over payment of Fall Property Taxes, those checks were mailed on December 28th, 2021 to the deeded homeowner of record.

  • Monday January 24th, 2022 the Treasurer's office will mail out courtesy letters notifying property owners of delinquencies.

  • 2021 Payable 2022 Tax Statements are expected to be mailed out early April 2022.

New Tax Bill Formatting

The Department of Local Government & Finance has mandated a new format for the Hamilton County Spring and Fall Remittance Coupons. This video highlights those changes

The County Treasurer is a constitutional office and is the custodian of all monies belonging to the county.


The Treasurer responsibilities include:
  • Billing and collecting property taxes (real estate, personal, drains, mobile home)
  • Collecting taxes involved in bankruptcy
  • Collecting innkeepers tax
  • Issuing tax clearances for mobile home transfer/moving permits
  • Issuing tax clearances for alcohol beverage permits
  • Investing funds
  • Conducting annual real estate tax sale
  • Collecting delinquent property taxes and taxes in judgment
  • Searching for and collecting delinquent taxes of public employees

Innkeeper Tax Information and Form

Innkeeper Information link to Hamilton County Visitors Bureau

County Innkeeper Tax Return Form

Tax Clearance Form

Property Tax Clearance Form link to Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission fillable pdf