Lenders Tax Information

FTP Data Request Forms and Information

The Treasurer's Office has made a special effort to accommodate lenders and banks in such a way that individual taxpayers benefit as well. Please use the following resources:
  • The Lender's Tax Report provides current balances due for lenders and banks that service less than 1,000 parcels in Hamilton County. It is also an easy way for larger lenders to locate parcels that have been overlooked (provided the lender has balances due on less than 1,000 parcels). Access is restricted, please contact the Treasurer's office to obtain instructions for use of this service.
  • The Lender FTP file is a delimited text file containing current balances due for all lenders and banks who service parcels in Hamilton County. You can download this file from our secure FTP site to use in your own applications. Access is restricted, please complete the Data Request Form and submit to the Treasurer's office to obtain access information for use of this service. We have also provided above a layout of the FTP file along with User Instruction.  Also know that this file is strictly for your information and is to not be used for selling, advertising or solicitation, per County Ordinance #12-23-96-A
  • Online Tax Statements and Payments provides detailed tax information for an individual statement, such as date and amount for each posted payment. While this application is intended for our individual taxpayers, it is useful for lenders when researching a specific parcel.
  • We also have public access terminals available on site.

Tax Statements & Payments

Typically, Hamilton County tax statements are mailed in mid April and are available online a few days afterwards. Availability of the new statements will be announced on the County's home page.

Typically, tax payments are due May 10th and November 10th. If it is necessary for the County to modify this schedule, it will be posted pn this website.

Once the statements are posted, the tax payment data on our website (and our FTP site) will be updated from the same source each business day, usually by 9 a.m. EST. It then reflects balances due at the end of the previous business day.


Due to maintenance tasks, there are occasions when current posted payments are not reflected online (nor in the Lender FTP file):
  • The month prior to the mailing of tax statements
  • At year-end (which may extend into February)

Incomplete Information

For some of the properties you service, our records may not reflect that you are the lender. This means that property lists derived from our data alone may not be complete for your intended purpose. Please compare our data to your own to identify other parcels that you need to research. Information for those additional parcels is included in the Lender FTP file and the Online Statements and Posted Payments.