Members of the Hamilton County Probation Department are separated into different teams. This specialization allows Probation to more effectively provide services and supervision to probationers, based upon their needs and/or special conditions.

Pre-sentence Investigation Team:

This team's main function is to provide the courts with additional information about a defendant before they are sentenced. They provide this needed information by writing a pre-sentence investigation report (PSI). This team also keeps track of an offender's case until they are sentenced by the court.

Intake Team:

This team is the first team that a probationer has contact with after being placed on probation. They read the order of probation to the probationer and answer the probationer's initial questions. They are also responsible for advising the probationer of his/her special conditions and helping them get the resources they need. In addition, this team is responsible for tracking cases that are currently direct commitments and transfer-out cases.

Drug and Alcohol Team:

This team supervises all probationers that have been required to complete substance abuse education or counseling. This team is specially trained to serve the needs of probationers who present with substance abuse issues.

Non Drug and Alcohol Team:

This team supervises probationers that are not required to go through substance abuse education or counseling.

Violation Team:

This team's main responsibilities are to write violations of probation and represent the department in court for violation of probation hearings. They also meet with probationers who are in violation and find out why they violated their conditions of probation. This team then comes up with the appropriate recommendation for the judge and relays that recommendation to the court.

The Field Team:

This team's primary function is to supervise all sex offenders and A and B felonies while they are assessed as high risk. These officers spend a large portion of their time conducting home-visits and checking on the probationers in the community.
*For more information please see Home Visits

The Court Assisted Rehabilitation Efforts (C.A.R.E.) Team:

C.A.R.E.'s primary function is to provide substance abuse evaluations and direct the probationer to treatment providers to ensure that they receive the services as needed. They also verify that the treatment agencies that we use are DMHA certified. For further information, please see the C.A.R.E. Program page.

The Auditing Team:

This team is responsible for auditing probation officers' caseloads and making certain they meet the high standards of the department.