Drainage Board Meeting Dates

2021 2022
Monday January 11, 12:00pm Monday January 10, 12:00pm
Monday January 24, 9:00am Monday January 24, 9:00am
Monday February 08, 12:00pm Monday February 14, 12:00pm
Monday February 22, 9:00am Monday February 28, 9:00am
Monday March 08, 12:00pm Monday March 14, 12:00pm
Monday March 22, 9:00am Monday March 28, 9:00am
Monday April 12, 12:00pm Monday April 11, 12:00pm
Monday April 26, 9:00am Monday April 25, 9:00am
Monday May 10, 12:00pm Monday May 09, 12:00pm
Tuesday May 24, 9:00am Monday May 23, 9:00am
Monday June 14, 12:00pm Monday June 13, 12:00pm
Monday June 28, 9:00am Monday June 27, 9:00am
Monday July 12, 12:00pm Monday July 11, 12:00pm
Monday July 26, 9:00am Monday July 25, 9:00am
Monday August 09, 12:00pm Monday August 08, 12:00pm
Monday August 23, 9:00am Monday August 22, 9:00am
Monday September 13, 12:00pm Monday September 12, 12:00pm
Monday September 27, 9:00am Monday September 26, 9:00am
Monday October 11, 12:00pm Monday October 10, 12:00pm
Monday October 25, 9:00am Monday October 24, 9:00am
Monday November 08, 12:00pm Monday November 14, 12:00pm
Monday November 22, 9:00am Monday November 28, 9:00am
Monday December 13, 12:00pm Monday December 12, 12:00pm
Monday December 20, 9:00am 2nd Meeting TBD
The meetings will be held in the Commissioners Court in the Government and Judicial Center.
The first meeting of each month is for administrative purposes.  
Hearings will be held the second meeting of the month.
The deadline for items to be placed on the agenda will be 12:00pm the WEDNESDAY prior to the meeting.
Possible Executive Session to follow each meeting.

View the 
Drainage Board calendar for more information on scheduled meetings and times.

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.