Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES)

2019 Field Day


Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) is an organization of amateur radio operators who volunteer for Emergency Management for the purpose of providing tactical emergency support radio communications to federal, state and local governments in time of emergency, and to supplement, augment or replace radio communications wherever and whenever needed.

RACES was created in 1952, by the federal government, as an official program through which amateur radio operators could serve the government in an emergency situation. Since then, the RACES program has enabled amateur radio operators to perform varied emergency communications functions as an important supplement Emergency Management communications systems.

RACES is governed by Part 97, subpart E, of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Rules and Regulations.

RACES is called upon by Emergency Management when RACES services are deemed necessary for response. They are activated in accordance with an approved Emergency Management communications plan in any emergency concerning:

  1. Safety of life
  2. Preservation of property
  3. Alleviation of human suffering and need
  4. Dissemination of warnings of any disaster or other incident endangering the public welfare.

Natural disasters often cripple or destroy communications facilities and equipment. RACES members are often asked to handle messages for police, fire, public welfare, public utilities, and other emergency services during emergencies.

RACES personnel receive training from Emergency Management to which they are attached. Operating skills are sharpened through participation in frequent Emergency Management sponsored exercises, tests, drills, programs, and special events.

Non-emergency messages and traffic may be transmitted during RACES training and drill periods.

RACES Membership

To become a RACES volunteer complete the application process via the link: Online Application Process