How to Get Involved


The Volunteer Program:

The volunteer program is designed to be a long term opportunity to help further Hamilton County Emergency Management's mission to provide support to plan, prepare, mitigate, respond, and recover from natural, human caused and accidental hazards. Opportunities would include assisting Emergency Management staff at community outreach events and assisting the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) during a disaster. Emergency Operation Center (EOC) volunteers is a perfect opportunity for those interested in helping in a command center environment. This group consists of personnel who have degrees in emergency management, military, or current/former public safety personnel, IT professionals, or those who are seeking to gain real-world experience while giving back to the community. Personnel train to know how to operate technology in the center as well as staff key positions.

We would encourage anyone who is expressly interested in storm spotting to visit Hamilton County Emergency Management RACES website.

Hamilton County Emergency Management Internship Program:

Hamilton County Emergency Management is interested in internship applications from individuals that are looking at the emergency management career field for both the academic and career advancement aspects. Internships should have a firm start and end date before the intern begins. 

Volunteer and Internship FAQ:

  • Are any internship opportunities paid? 
    • Currently no volunteer or internships available through Hamilton County Emergency Management are paid.
  • How often are internships opportunities available? 
    • Opportunities are always available based on projects identified by staff.
  • Do I have to be in the Hamilton County area to volunteer? 
    • No.  While certain projects may require the volunteer to be present in the office, many may not. Preference will be given to interns that can have a regular presence in the office.
  • What is the screening process? 
    • All volunteers and Interns will have to complete a screening process through Hamilton County Emergency Management.

If you are interested in volunteering or being an intern, please contact us at 317-770-3381.