Group Instructions

Hamilton County Parks is better because of its great volunteers.  You can view all our volunteer opportunities online. If you have a group of individuals, many of our opportunities work well for groups.  Thank you for thinking about us, and we hope to see you soon.   

Group Participants:

1) We use an online sign up process. Each volunteer needs to sign-up individually.
2) The process includes signing a legal agreement, so each volunteer must do his own sign up. If he is minor, his guardian will need to complete this process.

3) Make sure to enter your Group Name; it is usually a short version of your organization's name, like "BSA 111" or "Northern Way Church - singles".   It's OK if this isn't identical on all submissions - as long as we can still tell it's the same group.

Project Leaders:

1) I'm not sure what we want to do. You can view our volunteer opportunities online. To share several options with your group; print the detail pages or copy the URL's into an email. If you don't see something of interest online, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator

2) We are bringing minors, how many adults need to attend? The ratio of adults to students should be:

5 years & under:
1 adult to 6 students
6-8 years:
1 adult to 8 students
9-14 years:
1 adult to 10 students
15-18 years:
1 adult to 12 students

3) How do I get my group signed up? 

  • First, please send an email to; include the name of your group, the project leader, and his contact information (including email).
  • Tell your group about the project.  Each volunteer must do his own sign up. Here's a few ideas for sharing sign up information with your group:
  • Select the opportunity you want to do, and sign up for it.  The final page is a Thank You page. Click on the link "Tell Others"; which should create an email that includes a link to the opportunity. Edit the message as you wish; add the email addresses for your participants, and "Send".


  • Copy the web address from the web page that is about this specific opportunity. Paste it into your email and add the details your people will need to know.  Here's a sample email to help you get started (replace the items in parenthesis):

Dear Members,

We plan to do a volunteer project at (Name of Park). It will be on (Date) from (Start Time) to (End Time).  If you are going, you need to sign up online at:

(Link to Opportunity details page)

Please sign up before (deadline you determine for planning your outing).  Online sign up is disabled two days before the event, so don't wait too long.  

Our Group Name is (your group name); enter that in the box right below your name. 

**If you are under 18, your parent/guardian needs to complete the registration.  We are also looking for a few adults to participate and chaperone.

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Project Leader