Community Resources

Other Related Resources

  • The Good Samaritan Network (GSN) is a network of non-profit agencies in the county.  It assesses the true needs of its clients and assists them with county-wide support services while reducing duplication of effort. GSN offers life skills training through a series of structured courses that provide at-risk people with the skills necessary to provide for themselves and their families.  It enables clients to take steps toward life changes that will break the cycle of poverty and poor choices.
  • Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) - Provides services to families who have issues associated with low income, mental illness, addiction, mental retardation, a disability, aging, and children who are at risk for healthy development.
  • Indiana Department of Child Services (Child Protective Services) - Their mission is to protect children from abuse and neglect by partnering with families and communities to provide safe, nurturing, and stable homes.
  • Indiana Division of Family Resources (DFR) - Information on how and where to apply for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (formerly known as AFDC or welfare), the Food Stamp Program, Medicaid or other types of assistance.
  • The Cherish Center - Provides a unique approach to the investigation on cases of abuse and neglect of children in Hamilton County by utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach.
  • The Indiana Center for Prevention of Youth Abuse & Suicide - Offers evidence-based; high-quality prevention programs to end the cycle of abuse; and to help reduce trauma for child victims.
  • Prevail - A private, not-for-profit organization serving the need of crime victims and their families in Hamilton County and surrounding areas through support and awareness.
  • Indiana Legal Services - A non-profit law firm that provides free civil legal assistance to eligible low-income people throughout the state of Indiana. ILS helps clients who are faced with legal problems that harm their ability to have such basics as food, shelter, income, medical care or personal safety.
  • Humane Society for Hamilton County - A non-profit organization that receives lost, homeless, relinquished or neglected companion animals. They provide adoption programs and education programs.
  • Janus Developmental Services, Inc. - A non-profit organization that works with communities to model and teach acceptance of individuals with disabilities in ways that advance beyond governmental funding, professional expertise, and legal mandate.
  • Riverview Hospital - Located in Noblesville, serving the medical needs of our community.