State Road 37 Project Information

State Road 37 is a key north – south corridor serving the citizens of Hamilton County, the City of Fishers and the City of Noblesville. It is owned and operated by the Indiana Department of Transportation. It is a four-lane divided highway that, at the last counting (November 2010 through January 2011), is used by approximately 45,000 vehicles per day. Traffic is regulated at each of the cross streets with actuated traffic signals which are becoming more and more overloaded as time passes.

Contained in this study is a detailed traffic analysis and growth projections showing that
roundabout interchanges, similar to those constructed along the Carmel Keystone Project, will significantly improve the safety and efficiency of moving the high volumes of traffic across this corridor. There are numerous socio-economic benefits that are in addition to the efficiency of the improved facility. Some of those include community connectivity, significant safety improvements, reduced noise pollution, and reduced user costs.

Once the idea of this project was matured by the Hamilton County Commissioners, through the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization, they selected the engineering team of United Consulting and American Structurepoint to embark on a detailed study of the corridor.

For detailed study information, please explore the links below.

Detailed Mobility Study Reports (PDF)

Public Meeting Presentations

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