Will the Hamilton County Surveyor’s Office employee find my lot corners?

No, Delineation or demarcation and placement of any monument on or in close proximity to a land boundary must be executed by a Professional Land surveyor. 865 IAC 1-12-5

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1. What is a regulated drain?
2. What determines whether a drain is regulated or private?
3. Who are the Drainage Board members?
4. Where do I find maps of regulated drains?
5. How can I get a hole fixed on a tile drain?
6. When do I need a permit?
7. When does a storm drain become a regulated drain?
8. During the last storm event the storm sewer on my street could not keep up. Why is this?
9. My neighbor has blocked or filled in the natural surface flow across their property, backing water upon my property. What recourse do I have?
10. Why aren’t Regulated Tile Drains part of the one call system?
11. Will someone from the Surveyor’s Office locate my Regulated Tile Drain?
12. I have a tile that connects to a regulated drain. Does this mean that maintaining this tile is the county’s responsibility?
13. Why do I pay an assessment and how is that money spent?
14. Who determines who pays and how much?
15. Does the assessment go to the general fund?
16. What is the difference between an assessment and a tax?
17. Why do I pay a drainage assessment if the Drain is not even located on my property?
18. How do I pay my drain assessment?
19. I want to install a fence on my property. Can I do this?
20. Can I put a fence in an easement?
21. What is the difference between a Drainage Easement and a Regulated Drain Easement?
22. What is that "ditch" in my backyard for?
23. Can I fill in the swale in my backyard?
24. Who should I contact to get permission?
25. Can I build sheds, playground equipment, etc. in the swale in my backyard?
26. Do I need a permit to build a pond?
27. Is a new subdivision required to put in a detention pond?
28. What does the detention pond do?
29. What safety features are built into the pond near my house?
30. What can I do about the geese problem?
31. The builder is discharging my (or my neighbor's) sump pump across the ground and is causing a wet area in my yard. Is this correct?
32. Can I just outlet the sump pump on the surface?
33. Where can I discharge my sump pump?
34. What is the "D" marking on the curb in front of my house?
35. Does the office survey private property?
36. Will the Hamilton County Surveyor’s Office employee find my lot corners?
37. Can A fence company contractor find my lot corners?
38. Can I use a Surveyors Location Report to construct a fence?
39. Can I use a Plot plan to construct a fence?
40. Are all surveys recorded?
41. What is a Legal Survey?
42. Will the Hamilton County Surveyor’s Office prepare an Elevation Certificate?
43. What are Section Corners?
44. Why do I see people from your office working or digging in the middle of the road?
45. How often is aerial photography taken?
46. When is the next Hamilton County map going to be revised?
47. Can I use the Hamilton County GIS layers to determine my “property line”?