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Osprey Pointe Pavilion

Subfacility of Morse Park & Beach


Rental Agreement


  1. Kitchenette
  2. Restrooms
  3. Tables

Rental Information

Are you planning a wedding, reunion, corporate function or other special event? We are proud to offer our newest indoor facility for rent: Osprey Pointe Pavilion. Osprey Pointe is located on the bank of the gorgeous Morse Reservoir and is the perfect setting for any event.

The facility includes 20 6-foot banquet tables and seats approximately 99 people. Facilities include a full-service kitchenette, restrooms, and an on-site security guard. The event room is 42-foot by 36-foot. View pictures here.

Rental Fees

Resident Rental Rate: $40/hour (Tax not Included)
Non-resident Rate:$56.25/hour (Tax not Included)

Book your reservation online. You can view the Osprey Pointe Pavilion rental agreement online. 



What is the capacity of Osprey Pointe Pavilion?
The Osprey Pointe Pavilion can comfortably accommodate up to 100 guests for wedding and other social events, including room for guest tables and chairs. 

What hours can I rent Osprey Pointe Pavilion?
Osprey Pointe Pavilion can be rented between the hours of 8 a.m. and 11:59 p.m., depending on availability.

How do I find available dates to rent Osprey Pointe Pavilion?
You can check availability here.

How can I arrange a tour of the venue?
We now offer tours of Osprey Pointe Pavilion. Visit our online Catalog, click on Activities/Programs tab and view tour dates under Special Events.

Where is Osprey Pointe Pavilion located?
Osprey Pointe Pavilion is located in Morse Park and Beach. It is located off of 196th street in Noblesville and beautifully located on Morse Reservoir, 19777 Morse Park Lane, Noblesville, Indiana. See a map.

Do I have to be a Hamilton County, Indiana resident to rent Osprey Pointe Pavilion?
No, you do not have to be a resident to rent Osprey Pointe Pavilion; however, residents do receive a discount on their rental.

Can I bring food prepared at home?
Yes. There is no documentation or notification needed to prepare and bring food from home.

Can I use a caterer for my event?
Yes, we do not need notification or documentation unless there will be alcohol present.

Can I have alcohol at my event?
Please review our alcohol policy. We require the following no less than 10 business days prior to your event: 

  • Certificate of Liability Insurance with 1 million dollar coverage and 2 million General Aggregate 
  • alcohol permit through Indiana ATC (send your permit to District 3 at 41 West 300 North, Crawfordsville, IN 47933)
  • if licensed bartender, must need proper permit on file 
  • your permit must be on display during your rental per Indiana ATC

For more information on what is needed when hosting an event with alcohol, please view our alcohol policy. You can find the Temporary Beer and Wine permit online.  More information on the Temporary Beer and Wine Permit can be found on the Indiana ATC website. To Find a Licensed Alcoholic Beverage Caterer, click here. Osprey Pointe Pavilion building dimensions and layout can be found here.  If you have questions about our alcohol policy, call 317-770-4400. 

Is there a service fee for the use of outside vendors?
Osprey Pointe Pavilion does not have additional charges for outside vendors. We only require permits and insurance, as needed.

Booking the Venue

What is required as payment to book Osprey Pointe Pavilion?
Completed online booking and rental fee. 

Can I put a hold on the date I want to reserve?
Osprey Pointe Pavilion cannot be held without payment, as we operate on a first come, first served basis. A contact person or account holder must book the facility online through our reservation site.  Facility is subject to availability. No inquired date is promised without payment in full.

What if I need to change the date or time of my event?
Pending the availability of your proposed event date, please contact our Executive Assistant at 317-770-4400 or by email. You must call or email change no less than 14 business days prior to your original reservation.

How do I cancel my event?
You must contact the Executive Assistant at 317-770-4400 or by email no less than 60 business days before your reservation to cancel your rental for a full money refund. For more information, please review the refund and cancellation policy listed on your contract. Email is

During Your Event

When can I decorate, set up, or tear down at Osprey Pointe Pavilion?
You will only have access to the Osprey Pointe Pavilion for the rental time you have reserved. Any set up, decorating, tear down, and cleaning must take place during your reserved time. Please keep this in mind when you are determining how many hours you would like to rent.

Who will do the setup, tear down, and clean up for my event?
For social events, you as the renter are responsible for set up, tear down, and clean-up of the facility. All décor must be removed from the facility, the trash taken out, and the venue reset to original condition at the conclusion of your event, 

All decorations, food, and beverage items must be removed from the facility at the conclusion of your event by you or your hired vendor. Osprey Pointe Pavilion, security and its staff will not be held responsible for any additional decorative items, food and/or beverage.

Who do I contact during my event if there is a problem at the venue?
Hamilton County Parks & Recreation On Call Staff: 317-448-7691
Security Task Force Protection 317-855-0180
Administrative Office (Monday - Friday from 8 am - 4:30 pm): 317-770-4400

Extreme Emergencies: 911

What do I need to do at the conclusion of my event?
All tables and chairs should be put away and stored in the storage room. Any decorations, displays, or additional signage should also be discarded into trash receptacles. Trash must be put in large trash bin located outside of Osprey Pointe Pavilion. The facility should be clean and vacuumed. The facility should be left as it looked when you arrived. Damages/cleanup will be billed to the renter if the renter has not complied with all terms and provisions.

Can I decorate Osprey Pointe Pavilion?
You are more than welcome to decorate for your event as long as it falls within the guidelines provided in our policy listed on your contract. Any decorations brought to the facility will need to be disposed of or taken with the renter upon your departure. 

Prohibited indoor items include: confetti, glitter, use of fire or lit candles, nails, or wall alterations. 

I am renting decorative items from an outside vendor. Can I store them at the facility before or after my event?
Any decorative items scheduled to be delivered to Osprey Pointe Pavilion must arrive during your rental time. All decorative items must vacate the facility at the conclusion of your event. Osprey Pointe Pavilion is not responsible for any items left at the facility.

Can I leave decorative items stored at Osprey Pointe Pavilion overnight?
You must take all decorative items (included rented decorative items) with you at the conclusion of your event. Osprey Pointe Pavilion is not responsible for rented decorative items, and we do not have storage capacity to hold your items.


Do you have chairs and tables at Osprey Pointe Pavilion?
Yes, all tables and chairs at the facility can be used during your event. We have 20, 6’ rectangular for food, drinks, or desserts, and 100 chairs.

Are there tables or chairs I can use on the outdoor deck?
Yes, the chairs and tables from Osprey Pointe Pavilion can be used on the deck, but not on grass or other areas around the facility. 

Do you have linens I can rent?
Osprey Pointe Pavilion does not have nor provide any decorative items for your event.  Any stains or damage done to tables will result in a damage fee.

Is there a dance floor platform or stage?
We do not have a platform or equipment for stage building at Osprey Pointe Pavilion. 

Do you have signage or easels to use for display purposes?
Osprey Pointe Pavilion does not have nor provide any decorative items for your event.