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Mosquito Control

  1. Complaints are: To identify breeding sites that can not be managed or maintained by the property owner where Stagnant/Standing water areas exist. Check for items that might hold water including barbecues, toys, pool covers, tarps, plastic sheeting, boats, canoes and trash.

    Complaints are NOT: “Mosquitoes biting”, “Swarming mosquitos” or “Can’t go outside”.

    The Hamilton County Health Department only adulticide sprays for mosquitoes in known areas of positive West Nile Virus activity. Please be aware that nuisance biting activity from April to November especially after rain after events and warm weather. Mosquitos are native to Indiana climate and you must take self-protection measures when outside.

  2. Example: 317 823-2332

  3. NOTE: Please type in the nearest exact address of the problem area - No Subdivision Name.

  4. Disclaimer

    Vector control will be assigned to the Health Department Vector Control Specialist. Please be prepared to be contacted and to answer additional questions, as more information is may be needed to perform an investigation.

  5. Destination

    Requests will be sent to the Government of Hamilton County Health Department. For questions or concerns, please email Environmental Health Specialist or call 317-776-8500.

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