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Program Cancellation Form

  1. Program Cancellation Policy

    The Department will issue a full refund if the department cancels a paid program minus any processing fees.

    Cancellations for a scheduled program must be requested a minimum of two weeks (14 days) before the respective start date to receive a 100% refund minus any applicable taxes and processing fees.

    All refunds are subject to the State Board of Accounts claim procedure and may take 60-90 days. All refunds will be returned by check in the mail.

    A transfer from one paid program to another is contingent upon availability of spots within the desired program. If the program is at maximum capacity, a transfer will not be allowed. Transfers must occur in the same calendar year.

    To start your cancellation process, please complete and submit the Program Cancellation Form below.

    Any concerns towards the cancellation policy may be addressed to the HCPR’s Department Director, Chris Stice at the Hamilton County Parks Administration Office by phone at 317-770-4400. 

  2. Name of Participant

    *If participant is a minor, please list parent name:

  3. A Refund/User Credit Receipt will be emailed to the email address provided above once Cancellation Form/Request has been received and processed.

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  5. Request Type*
  6. By typing Participant's (Parent's if Participant is a Minor) First and Last Name above, I certify that I have read the Program Cancellation Policy above, understand and agree to all terms and conditions within, and hereby authorize Hamilton County Parks and Recreation to process this Program Cancellation Form/Request.

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