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Coxhall Gardens


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Coxhall Gardens is a unique and fascinating park, waiting to be discovered. This modern, 125-acre park includes the elegant Centerpiece, twin 90-feet bell towers, a recreation lake, and Children's Garden, which features village stores, echo walls, peek-a-boo hills, a sun dial, and Tiki huts. In 2005, the facility served as the location of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Solheim Cup, and is the ideal setting for weddings, reunions and other special gatherings.

Park History

View the Coxhall Gardens history page for more information.

Campbell Crossing

Campbell Crossing, which is connected to the Centerpiece and surrounded by water on two sides, serves as a serene location for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. The land for this stunning park was graciously donated by Jesse and Beulah Cox in 1999 and is enjoyed by visitors of all ages. As the park continues to grow it will eventually include a conservatory, museum, reflecting pool and numerous specialty gardens.

Programs & Events

For those wanting to enjoy the beauty of Coxhall Gardens in a more active way, the park also offers programs and events, including Coxhall Mansion Tours and Concerts in the Centerpiece. Visit our Calendar to find out more information.

Coxhall Gardens Facilities for Rent

New to Coxhall Gardens is our Clay Township Children's Pavilions and Outdoor Classroom

The new Clay Township Children's Pavilions are comprised of twin shelters that are joined by a pergola-covered walkway and features a fireplace-style outdoor grill. These shelters are available online for rent from May to September. Rent them online today! You can also view photos of these facilities online.

Coxhall Gardens Centerpiece, Coxhall Mansion and Cripe Pavilion

The dramatic Coxhall Gardens Centerpiece, which features a statue of Jesse and Beulah Cox, gazebo, fountains, and tiered lawn seating, is now available for rental. The Mansion, and Cripe Pavilion are also available for rent. Rental includes the amphitheater, gazebo, gardens, restroom facilities, security, and an on-site manager.

For facility rental rates and questions about these facilities at Coxhall Gardens, please contact the Ritz Charles 317-846-9158 or visit the Ritz Charles website.


  1. Coxhall Garden Mansion Event Hall

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