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1. What are your office hours?
2. When are property tax bills mailed?
3. When are property tax payments due?
4. Why did my tax bill get mailed to someone other than my mortgage company?
5. How do I verify that you have received payment?
6. How do I know if my mortgage company is going to pay my taxes?
7. Why did I received a collection letter from American Financial Credit Services, Inc?
8. Can I make partial payments towards my property tax bill?
9. Why did my bill not include a special assessment this year?
10. Why did I receive a reconstruction drain bill?
11. Can I pay my taxes anywhere else besides the Treasurer's office?
12. When should I expect an extended wait time on the phone?
13. How do I know if I have all my property tax deductions?
14. How do I change my mailing address?
15. My property was sold at the county's tax sale. How do I get it back?