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1. Is it safe to swim in a public pool?
2. How are the hospitals handling the need for medical supplies, especially ventilators?
3. Should I wear a mask when I go outside?
4. Can my kids still play with the other kids in the neighborhood?
5. I live in Fishers. What do I do if I have a question about COVID-19 or another health-related issue?
6. When Can I Discontinue Home Isolation?
7. How can I get tested?
8. I heard there were NEW symptoms of COVID-19. What are they?
9. I've heard about children getting a Kawasaki-like illness as a result of COVID-19. What can you tell me about that?
10. Can restaurants be cited by the Health Department for not following guidelines to protect customers from COVID-19?
11. What role does the Health Department play in sending our kids back to school?
12. Should I be getting my kids immunized for school?
13. Can my food facility operate at 100% occupancy?
14. Are barriers (plexiglass or otherwise) acceptable barriers between booths to allow for additional seating by reducing the separation distance between parties?
15. Are face coverings required for guests in a food facility?
16. Are face coverings required for staff members?
17. Who is currently eligible to receive the vaccine?
18. How do I register for a vaccine when I'm eligible to receive one?
19. Can I choose which vaccine I receive?
20. Will the vaccine make me sick?
21. When can my child receive the vaccine?
22. How can I volunteer to help administer the vaccine?
23. Who decides who is eligible for the vaccine?
24. Should anyone NOT get the vaccine?
25. What should I expect at the vaccine clinic?